Project 54

by Shel Silverstein

I have a Band-Aid on my finger,
One on my knee, and one on my nose,
One on my heel, and two on my shoulder,
Three on my elbow, and nine on my toes.
Two on my wrist, and one on my ankle,
One on my chin, and one on my thigh,
Four on my belly, and five on my bottom,
One on my forehead, and one on my eye.
One on my neck, and in case I might need em
I have a box of thirty-five more.
But oh! I do think it’s sort of a pity
I don’t have a cut or a sore!

Where the Sidewalk Ends, 1974


When I was in the 7th grade my English teacher gave the class an assignment to find a poet and write a paper about their life. I chose Shel Silverstein because I remembered reading a children’s book by him years earlier, The Giving Tree. While doing my research I came across the book ,Where the Sidewalk Ends,which is  a collection of children’s poetry. I loved it so much a asked my mother to buy it for me as a birthday gift, and she did! I think I must have read each poem a million times. I especially loved this poem because I thought it was so funny, and I’m sure many people, as well as myself, could relate to it. As kids we all loved to stick Band-Aids on every inch of our skin. Did we really need them? No, I personally wanted to become a mummy. What about you?


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